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Society of Mutual Self-Creation

Self-Development and High-Tech-Self-Providing

Oppression and Over-straining - Mental Problems and Society

New Sciences and our Future

An Integrated Notion of "Law"

Different types of thinking about different things - Part I -

The Self-Organisation of Society (with C.Fuchs)

The Nature-Debate about Objectivity of physical Entities and Laws

The Objectivity of the Quantum Theory

Concept of Co-evolution

From Reign and Outwit to Alliance between Mankind and Nature

Dialectics in Nature?

Evolution and Hegelian dialectics in nature

Does nature create value?

Make your own future

Self-Organization and Society

About Consciousness, economy and revolution...

What do we bring the futures?

Reason and Critique in Dialectics

Spirituality and Dialectics

Thinking about Gaia

Contingency, Wholeness and laws


Differences between concepts of Self-Organization

Printed Papers


by Rüdiger Lutz

The Philosophy of Ernst Bloch by Rainer E. Zimmermann

Karl Marx as a Philosopher of Human Emancipation
by Wolfdietrich Schmied-Kowarzik

Matrix: "Rationality and progress" (by Frank Richter)

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