I'm Tanja and I'm twelve years old. I live in Jena (it's in Germany) and I learn English since one year. I've got a cat and two budgies. The cat's name is Maunzi. The budgies are Pipsi and Schwatzi.
I have morphed pictures of mama and me for you...


What I like: What I don't like:
  • tidy up my room
  • Are you curious?
  • wars
  • sometimes TV
  • That was me 11 years ago
    with my Grandma

    That´s me
    as "funny ghost with my favorite pillow"


    Here you can read what lectures I gave at school:

    And there are still more texts by me:

    Here I am in my new room.

    Now you can come to my German Homepage, too...

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    with the fast courier "Emil": info@tanja-schlemm.de


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